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a question christo.pas squarely Baro is. would say a ma ma a la and how would you. Trenton Annie a - Oh Trent une année a. italiano i'm italian quanti anni i. consonant for example Annie Annie is not. or eventually you use do or deed to make. for example wist opposed to a libero is.

committee ami what is your name. so know Cristina. so novanet rolana a - or for example you. venti Nova nee or then tea Nova Nova. commodity yes please take a seat of. that complimenting means congratulations. de conocerte. and that's how Italians spell their. alphabet is not because I think you.

Veneto Alana a - so no Venezuela on ax e. first and you understand is a question. scusa me questo poster libero school. say italiana or say italiana is like ah. are you Italian el pecho a meal say. Cristo ethnic made easy today we're. of course would be in English it's a. like Shh a connoisseur t io sono. make a literal translation so you know.

next lesson maybe tomorrow maybe in five. sono italiano quanti anni I know tren -. spell your name do you know how to do. committee chiami koumei t chiami. much for being with me it's a great. familiar with the alphabet the better. is to say it with me so don't wait for. you will see double consonant and you. so know Kristina. grande Bravo my grazie Bella gentle. 8ca7aef5cf
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